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Asphalt Paving 

Paving your driveway or parking lot with asphalt is a great way to economically add "curb appeal" to your property and increase its value. Compared to other options such as concrete, asphalt is more cost effective. In addition, it is strong, durable, can withstand freezing and thawing, and is not deteriorated by salt, making it an ideal material for properties exposed to harsh New England winters. We offer two types of asphalt services. Replacement of existing asphalt with new hot mix asphalt or resurfacing current asphalt with new hot mix asphalt. Request a free consultation today to determine which is best for your property. 



New Asphalt: The process for installing a completely new driveway begins by first removing the old one. Through the use of heavy duty equipment, old aphalt is hauled away. The next step is to create a solid sub-base using high quality processed gravel. This sub-base is graded to ensure proper drainage and compacted using a heavy duty multi-ton vibratory roller. Finally, a base of hot mix asphalt is placed on top of the sub-base. It is once again graded and compacted using a heavy duty multi-ton vibratory roller. The final product is a driveway or parking lot built to last for many years to come. 


Resurface: Resurfacing a driveway consists of first prepring the driveway and removing debris using a high powered blower. A new base of hot mix asphalt is then applied on top of the current asphalt. It is graded to ensure proper drainage and compacted using a multi-ton vibratory roller. 





Seal Coating 


A number of forces eat away at the surface of a driveway and cause its color to fade over time. These include water, exposure to sun, and chemicals from cars. A high quality driveway sealent helps to combat all of these forces by preventing water from seeping through the surface, fading from UV rays, and rough spots caused by car chemicals. Getting an asphalt driveway installed properly can be a costly but worthwhile investment. Applying a coat of sealer every 2-3 years is an affordable way to protect your investment and keep it looking new all year round. 


Sealing a driveway is a delicate process. It begins by completley clearing the surface of the driveway using a high powered blower. Sealer is then applied to the driveway using a squeegee technique. The resulting product is a uniformed coat of sealer that restores the finish of the driveway, and protects it from deteriorating forces. 

Belgium Blocks


Belgium blocks enhance the apperance of a property by providing a classy finish that is sure to catch the attention of any passerby. Typically made out of granite, these stones are great for lining the outer edges of a driveway or creating elegant aprons. Lastly, due to weather the edges of asphalt driveways can erode over time. Belgium blocks help ensure edges remain intact and your driveway keeps its shape. 


The optimal time to install belgium blocks is after the gravel sub base has been installed but not yet compacted. This ensures the height of the belgium blocks are in sync with the sub base so the proper water drainage can be achieved. The blocks are installed and joined with cement. Finally, landscaping soil is placed behind the belgium blocks creating a uniform transition from the lawn to the driveway. 



Aspahlt curbing is an affordable way to enhance the apperance of your property. Like belgium blocks, curbing helps to keep the edges of a driveway intact so that its shape is maintained. In addition, curbing can also be used in combination with proper grading to direct water flow to a specific area of your property. 


Asphalt curbing is the final step in the the installation of a driveway. Curbing is installed along the edges on top of the final coat of asphalt. Curbing can be installed by hand or with a machine depending on the desired height and width of a curb. 



We provide a broad range of excavation services from construction site prep to tree and boulder removal. Our various heavy duty equipment allows us to tackle any job our customer requires. 


Each excavating job requires a specialized approach. Contact us today for a free consultation. 

Snow Plowing


With a fleet of snow plowing vehicles, teamwork, and a little sand and salt, we can clear your driveway in minutes and help you get back on schedule. 


Our crew of professional drivers will clear your walkway and driveway without damage to asphalt typically accompained with other snow plowers. We utilize fast acting salt to melt the snow, and sand to increase traction in icy and slick areas. Contact us today to be added to our route list. 




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